Writing black colonial experience in House of Hunger

House of Hunger is a compilation of stories, set in pre-colonial Zimbabwe, that is hard to separate from the life and feeling of the writer himself. In this book, Dambudzo Marechera excruciatingly brings out through vivid imagery, in prose the trauma of poverty and colonialism on the mind of the young black person. The story set in a time of segregation but also a time when young black people were arming themselves and fighting back explores harshly yet thoroughly the harshness yet the beauty of the mental struggle of which some of his characters have to bear with.
With the deep, echoing statements like  'No, l don't hate being black. I'm just tired of saying its beautiful', he writes pain in a way that it is visibly carried in each sentence, each paragraph, analysing like a surgeon the different identities of the characters in his book all the while chronicling life in the colonial ghetto.

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