Whispers in the Whirlwind: young African voices speak out.

In August 2010, three of my poems were published in the Anthology “Whispers in the Whirlwind by Mensa Press in the USA.
The featured poems, ‘Fickle Man, Immortal Sins and Lament of Stars‘, explore my feelings and experiences at the turn of the 21st century in Zimbabwe.
During which began the disturbing changes in the political and economic landscape under the reign of the then President Robert Mugabe, as he enacted half-done policies on land grabbing and increased his power over the country.

To include my contribution, the anthology features a diverse group of young voices across the continent who contribute different perspectives on the history and present state of the continent while also highlighting their own personal experiences in Africa and abroad.

For further reading the book can be found and bought on Amazon  .


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