‘Stories from the Fire’, a poetry and music collaboration in Flensburg

Posterwork: Plot Mhako

On holiday in the northern part of Germany, in a small town called Flensburg, I had no idea that meeting up with some Zimbabwean and German friends of mine would lead to an impromptu poetry and music performance, ‘Stories from the Fire’ .

But that is exactly how it happened and as all impromptu actions go, I will be, this coming Tuesday, bringing to the northern shores my version of a relaxed multilingual evening of storytelling and music.

Set around the shona Poem, ”The trial of old boy Time”, a story about how two unsatisfied people succeed in putting Time on trial, the evening of storytelling will try and recreate now in our modern spaces a feel of this important and relevant part of my culture while presenting my poetry in three Languages, that is my native Shona, English and German.

Storytelling in Zimbabwe, like most African countries, was safely kept alive by grandparents who would gather the young children around the fire and intimately tell creative and moral stories, to teach about the world and to keep the young minds inspired.
And I with the fire in my heart, to replace the literal fire, will reproduce this experience with musical accompaniment from a Flensburg based musician.

Proving in its own way that all one needs to create Art is like minded people and a passion for creativity :).

The performance and evening is a production from my own Harare based project, Poetry And Music and the evening’s host, Kuenda Productions.

P.s: Videos from the evening will be uploaded to this post shortly after the event


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