Sights that the eyes see, a photo Essay

The year 2016 has a of semblance for me, a time that was a full year of exciting moments spent with family and friends.
With bold, laid out ideas, we planned trips, made dull moments exciting.

With good shoes and trusty camera I found my way enjoying the feel of the water under a speedboat while surveying a dam wall in ‘Mazvikadei’, Harare, being dazzled by the beautiful colors of the clothes of worshipers at a church in Beira and lazing about on a beach on the ‘Rio Savanne’ in Mozambique .

The pictures I took speak more than words can, of moments shared with good friends, new things experienced and the joy of being outside of the city, breathing in fresh air and becoming hopeful in nature.

My trusty camera has made it possible for me to be able to share my experiences and so I invite you into my traveling experience in pictures.


A writer, a designer, a thinker, a lover, a fighter, a curious person of sorts.

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