River Grey Motion

I nestle it all deep within.
 Where there is a space for all the tiniest
 most meaningful passions.
 Where there is a space for this
 fearless nature
 that threatens to spill over
 into deep gullies
 to form new mounds of courage.

I nestle it all deep within
 These brown eyes that have not seen
 As further as my mind’s eye
 but have seen so many wonderful things
 that have filled my heart with warmth
 In its abandon.
 And a line comes to mind,
 dragged out of from my acres of thought
 and l recall from a poem,
 intricate lines like a song proudly proclaiming,
 ‘yes I am woman,
 I am proud,
 I am brown
 And the earth is mine’

Now I can be like river gently flowing,
 Constant ever
 remembering always 
 I am all right,
 I am enough.
 I hold within immense joy
 and nestle the tiniest,
 threads of determination.
 ©Barbra  Zimema-Anderson


A writer, a designer, a thinker, a lover, a fighter, a curious person of sorts.

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