Article Review: A look at violence in public spaces

Calling into question the Chivahnu of public spaces’ is an article I wrote highlighting the occurrences of public shaming and humiliation, most of which I have had to face over the years. As a victim of the violence that is most often rife in public spaces I offer my local Zimbabwean value system called ‘Chivahnu’ that is prevalent in Shona culture as a means to curb deviancy through a crime and punishment model. 

It is a normal system of ‘do unto others what just might be done to you’ and one fine example is ‘Kutanda Botso’, where a child who has physically assaulted their mother spends a year in rags asking for grains from people to brew beer in appeasement.

What Chivahnu offers is not only societal backlash for a defined crime also includes spiritual affliction to a deviant that has to be appeased with a type of ritual. In these times of fast information and accumulating, daily problems I feel that the value of ‘Chivahnu’ can shake up things a bit and bring back a sense of respect and community towards others regardless of background. What might sound like a far fetched dream, I believe can be possible with more open discussions and inclusion of people from diverse backgrounds into the daily routines of communities around the world.

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