Book Review: Learning German through children’s book,,Räuber Hotzenplotz”

As a first step to understanding the German language I decided to start reading children’s storybooks in German and to my luck I began with the very interesting story by  Otfried Preußler called the ‘Räuber Hotzenplotz’ .

Reading ‘Räuber Hotzenplotz’, opened up my mind to a place and time where magic is real and magical people in a more than human normal exist. In this world lives a thief called Hotzenplotz, who is known to even steal coffee grinders from helpless grandmothers. Such a person, capable of such behaviour is strangely enough to some extent likable. In his villainy, he is also silly, makes mistakes and seems to find a great deal of satisfaction from his chosen work.

In the story are the lines between  ‘good and evil’ even more blurred and outside of morality, the most important attribute is to be clever enough to outwit the other.

Written in three parts, two young boys, Kasperl and Seppel are thrown into a world of adventure, short term slavery, magic and unexpected surprise encounters along the way as they fight to bring to justice the man who robbed their beloved grandmother.

Written originally in German, illustrations and short chapters make it easier for those who are learning German to follow.


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