Making an Aame Creations Hat

In sunny Harare, hats are always a necessity to beat the heat and get on with one’s the daily routine. Making hats for my Brand Aame Creations has not only been to provide something that can beat the hot summer days but to also provide a stylish and trendy design that works for any preferred event or occasion.

In order to make my hats stylish and trendy I decided to settle on a cool and attractive fabric to work with and my first choice was Java which is also known as dutch wax print or veritable java print to mention a few . Java has a kind of flare and style I appreciate and I like to work with it for most of my designs especially for my hats.

Aame Creations hats consist of a square and round top Bucket hat, and a round and square kente hat. They are a welcome addition to my brand and give my designs more diversity. Apart from being a crafty addition I have the best time while making them, but I also exercise caution because as simple as they are to make they also rely heavily on precision measurements and cutting and a small mistake can have a hat looking out of shape and funny.

As a designer making the hats has put into focus how important elements like fabric strength, flexibility and fit are to the actual look of the hats, its a process that pushes me to develop my skills further and just have a good time while doing it.



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