Lights that glimmer in dimness

Lighting is a lot of things for me, it is feeling, a mood and a memory of a story that is stored in my mind and in my poetry. I am fascinated by how light in spaces, be it natural or man-made influences the mood of the people present. This play by play of light and spaces is captured in my photo series and framed around single and multiple sources of external light to bring life to my travels in Africa and in Europe over the course of a year in different places like Harare, Johannesburg, Beira, Munich, Berlin, Parlemo and Dusseldorf.

My photo series, Lights that glimmer in dimness is a memoir of travelling thoughts, it captures even that which is hidden from the eye, including the people I have shared these moments with: on a quiet street in the evening, on holiday, in an arts venue, at a club and at home relaxing. As much as the lights are meditative and reflective for me I hope they can evoke a positive outlook and frame of mind for others.

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