A short minded review of ‘The Fisherman’ by Chigozie Abioma.

Download (1)‘The Fisherman’ by Chigozie Obiama set in the fictional small town of Akure in the contemporary 90s follows the story of four brothers who face striking, dark changes in their relationship and family life while adjusting to the political changes that take place around them.

Narrated through the refreshing perspective of the younger of the four,Benjamin the story begins with their father’s move to another town called Yola to work at the ‘Central Bank of Nigeria’. Amidst this big change, the four boys, two younger siblings and their mother begin to adjust to a life without the the head of the house around.

As the novel progresses it reveals the strong bond between the brothers, unshakable prophecies and a strange turn of events for the family. In the background, the story is set in the mid 90s during sectarian riots and the rise of millionaire politician Chief Moshood Abiola (M.K.O Abiola) whom the boys meet with after a heroic but dangerous event.

All in all, ‘The Fisherman’ is a boy’s paradise and even girls just like myself are drawn in by the contagious bubbling environment as the boys in the story experience play through adventurous trips, to fights, to becoming fisherman as they transition from children to men.

Available on Amazon its an easy read for those Sunday afternoons, its well worth the investment.

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